It’s hard work being an Edit Kitten!

A softer, gentler approach to editing and coaching.

The myth of the solitary writer is just that: a myth. The truth is, writing takes work, perseverance, organization, accountability to hit deadlines, an objective eye, editing skills, and a lot of support. No one can really shoulder the burden of writing alone.

That’s where an editing service comes into play.  I’m not here to tear your writing apart; I’m here to support you, be objective about what you’ve written, and gently guide your work into being the best that it can be.

Close friends and family cannot really be objective about reviewing work. A professional editor can. And do so with gentle critiques, showing you how to write your work better while still retaining your own voice.  Your writing is your personal reflection.

If you need help with individual accountability and making and keeping deadlines, I can be there for you as well as your own personal cheerleader and coach.

“Tamara was so helpful when I was trying to get a report together. I had been working on it for weeks and literally could not “see” it anymore. Not only did she correct actual mistakes, but working within my “voice” she offered other suggestions for clarity and flow. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

“Tamara Fowler is an invaluable asset to my career as an author. Her editing made my work fun … and run much more smoothly! She got rid of redundancies and some embarrassing mistakes. And I never would have gotten anything done if it weren’t for her coaching efforts! Meeting once a week was fun and effortless. She truly is a godsend.”

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