Coaching is a special relationship.

This I understand.

Your work is precious. Your time is precious.

I have been working successfully as an accountability coach since 2010.

It is a task I adore. To come together with another writer (or artist of a different medium) and to function as a team is one of the highest forms of creativity. We work bouncing ideas and deadlines off each other. I help you stay on track, or give a compassionate nudge when a commitment is missed.

Sessions can go from every week to every other week. It’s all up to you. This is a gentle, but firm, relationship. I am your cheerleader. And I would love to be in your corner.

I have been working with Tamara for several years. Here’s what I love about her: First and foremost her unique, nurturing editing/coaching style adds clarity to my work and I always feel better and motivated after our sessions. She keeps me accountable to my writing commitments, helps me establish goals when I feel lost and her sense of humor transforms work-time into special-time where my perceived obstacles seem to melt away.”

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