Words are like notes of music. Arrange them together in one way and they become a poem. Add more word notes, and bind them together in another way, and the words become a story. Or an article. Or a book.

But just as every symphony needs a composer to bring it to life, words need a writer to compose the story. And usually, that writer needs some guidance to ensure that none of the notes or words are out of tune. We call those who give guidance editors.

I am an editor. I am also a writer, so I have my feet in both worlds. What I have discovered is that new writers need gentle coaching when they are learning to write. Like any skill, writing takes time and practice to learn to write well, and not hit any jarring notes. My job is to help them learn to write effectively.

Seasoned writers need assistance as well. It may be another set of eyes to read a manuscript, because reading one’s own work with a fresh view is impossible. A writer may simply need to become unstuck, to move through some plot points in a story, or require some guidance to present something more effectively. These acts are part of my work as an editor as well.

I have been a successful professional editor of both articles and books since 2011. I have also acted as editor for nonprofit newsletters.

Although I continue to write numerous articles, my passion is for children’s literature. I currently have several children’s books ready to be published.

So grab a box of your favorite sidewalk chalk and follow me!

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